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Tried & Tested: Yoogaia

Yoogaia matI recently cancelled my gym membership – partly to save money, and partly so I have the freedom and flexibility to try other active things. In between sampling cool new classes and notching up the running miles in the great outdoors, I’ve also been discovering workouts I can do at home. And that is how Yoogaia came into my life.

Yoo-what, you say?! Let me explain. Yoogaia is an online yoga studio set up by a Finnish yogi which helps you practice yoga from the comfort of your own home. For a monthly subscription (starting from £9.99) you can access hundreds of recorded yoga classes as well as a daily schedule of live yoga classes, all taught by Yoogaia instructors from a handful of studios around the world. And here’s the clever bit – during the live classes, the instructor can see you (providing you have a camera on your computer) and will monitor your movements, correcting your form as you go.

The website is wonderfully easy to use. You can sign up for live classes a month in advance, or simply search the past recordings for a class that takes your fancy. To help you choose there is a short description of each class and a bio for the instructor. Classes are either 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes long – so you really can do #yogaeverydamnday – and there is a kind of sweat-o-meter that indicates whether a class is suitable for unbendy beginners or those who know their advanced asanas. I’ve tried several classes and there really is something for every level of yogi.

The shorter classes focus on one area, like core strength, a seated stretch, happy hamstrings or even meditation. But the longer classes go deeper into a practice, and could be sweaty vinyasa, restorative yin or strength Broga. There are also Pilates and Barre classes if you want to mix things up.

Today Yoogaia launched their 21 Day Challenge called #ExploreYoogaia. They’ll be offering FREE 15-20 minute taster sessions every day until January 24th, so you can start your year as you mean to go on. All you need is your laptop, a bit of floor space and a deep breath. Namaste.; sign up for a 7-day free trial, or subscribe from £9.99 a month


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