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Your Winter Survival Kit

When Winter rolls around our bodies tend to need a little more TLC. The cold weather can dry out your skin, short days can dampen your mood and silly season has you eating all the bad food, getting very merry with the drink and not getting enough beauty sleep. All this can leave your body and mind wrecked, weakening your immune system and welcoming the sniffles.

But with a bit of preparation – and this Winter Survival Kit – you can nourish yourself through the cold months with a smile on your face.

Neom candle



You’re bound to be spending more time indoors, so make your evenings special with a scented candle. This 100% natural ‘Christmas Wish’ candle from Neom Organics has a mix of 13 essential oils including mandarin, cinnamon and tonka bean to destress and bring the comfort of Christmas.



primrose's kitchen



Prevention is better than cure when it comes to Winter sniffles, so protect your immune system with this Energy Juice and Smoothie Booster from Primrose’s Kitchen. It contains maca, moringa, hemp and cordyceps mushroom powders – 1 tsp a day should keep the doctor away.




rituals hand balm



Don’t forget your hands. Cold weather, icy winds, heating and even yanking them in and out of gloves gives them a hard time. The glycerine in this ultra-thick Miracle Balm from Rituals calms and soothes rough skin, and the gentle scents of White Lotus and Ginkgo Biloba aren’t overpowering. It can also be used as an overnight mask.




pukka tea




When you need a moment to yourself, sink into this ‘Relax’ Pukka Tea, which combines seriously soothing chamomile flower with oat flowering tops, fennel seed and marshmallow root. It’s a healthy caffeine-free way to warm up and stay hydrated.




Elemis bath



If your skin is feeling sapped of its moisture, then immerse yourself in the tub with this Skin Nourishing Milk Bath from Elemis. With milk proteins, vitamins, amino acids and Japanese camellia oil, it conditions the skin leaving it silky smooth and rebalanced. It can also be used neat on the skin as a moisturiser or an after sun. No wonder it’s one of their bestsellers.








It’s all too easy to reach for comfort food when it’s dark and cold, but look for nourishment in Madeleine Shaw’s ‘Get the Glow’ cookbook instead and your body will thank you for it. It’s even more important in Winter to pack in those nutrients and ward off illness. Madeleine’s straightforward recipes don’t require faddy bits of kit or lots of unusual ingredients you can only find in Whole Foods.




Neals Yard remedies



If you’re struggling to drop off then Neals Yard Remedies has the answer. Keep this ‘Remedies To Roll – Sleep’ stick on your bedside table, and just before you snuggle down apply its soporific mixture of essential oils onto your wrists and temples, take a deep breath and let the sunflower, lavender, neroli, chamomile and rose oils ease you to sleep.



choc shot




Sometimes there’s nothing more comforting than a steaming mug of hot chocolate. But avoid the calorific powders stuffed with refined sugar and try this Choc Shot liquid hot chocolate from Sweet Freedom instead. It’s sweetness comes from natural fruit extracts, it’s dairy-free and only 14 calories per teaspoon. Swirl it into warm almond milk and enjoy.







If you’re heading outside to exercise in the cold then your muscles might need a bit more help. This ‘Turn Up the Heat Roller Gel’ from ActivBod can be used before your workout to warm your muscles up or after to relieve tension. Ginger, rosemary and vanillyl provide the heat while arnica and allantoin soothe aches and pains – no camphor smell and no greasy fingers.



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