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How fitness can help you find love

There are loads of benefits to doing exercise – a healthier body, a more positive outlook, a better night’s sleep to name a few. Everyone knows that. But one side effect you may not have thought about is that getting fit might just help you find love.

Now, before you stop reading, I’m not saying that you need to work out until you have a Baywatch body so that members of the opposite sex will stop, drop and drool. (Baywatch bods aren’t everyone’s bag anyway.) What I’m talking about is something more subtle and intangible, something more about the mind than the body. It’s about using fitness to empower yourself, have fun and get out of your comfort zone. And, most importantly, it’s about redefining your perception of yourself rather than accepting someone’s perception of you.

Finding love in the 21st-century can be an arduous pursuit – we’re busy, we’re stressed, we can’t seem to meet the right people. The laws of attraction have been reduced to swiping left or right on Tinder and endless blind dates are exhausting – not to mention cut-throat. More often than not, you’re left with a demoralising hangover and not much more.

So how about trying something different? Here are a few reasons why fitness might help you jump a few hurdles on the path to finding love. And what’s the worst that can happen? You might just fall back in love with yourself.

Exercise makes you feel good

It can be hard to start, but after you stop, your body will be thrumming with endorphins (happy hormones) which will give you a spark of vitality and some positive vibes. Even if your figure doesn’t noticeably change, you’ll see your body differently – appreciating its strength and resilience and all that it allows you to do. It’s a powerful machine, if you let it be.

You’ll meet new people

Joining a regular class, a run club or a sports team is a quick way to meet a new crowd of people. Lots of clubs, like British Military Fitness, organise socials, and some boutique gyms, like Ride Republic and 1Rebel, hold singles nights when your class is followed by drinks and mingling. (Don’t fret, these venues have 5-star showers.) Who knows who you might meet?

It takes the pressure off

Exercising with someone else is fun. You don’t have to do a 10k run or a punishing HIIT circuit until you sweat like a pig. You can just play around, and add a bit of competition into the mix. It’s less intense when you have a third focus that isn’t either of you. No more sitting face-to-face in a restaurant making awkward noises and twiddling your fork.

You get up close and personal

Exercise may (hell, it probably will) involve some close contact. This might be a mistaken bump or tumble, a hand here and there to guide you on technique, or even a celebratory high five. Whatever it is, you’re breaking the ice.

Being vulnerable is charming

If you’re trying something you’ve never tried before, it’s quite likely that you’ll stumble and struggle, and potentially make a small idiot of yourself. But this is an endearing quality. Plus, you’ll need encouragement and help to get you to the end, and that, my friends, will only bring you closer.

It’s hot to have goals

Embarking on an exercise routine will involve some kind of personal challenge. You’re taking on something new and pushing yourself in a different way. Whether you consider your goals to be moderate or epic, they are still goals, and having ambition is attractive. Hello, person who wants to better themself! And when you’ve achieved your goal, you’ll have something exciting to talk (ahem, boast) about. High five to that!


2 thoughts on “How fitness can help you find love

  1. Hi Lucy,
    i agree that fitness can help you find friendship and even love! Sharing fitness activities in common is a great foundation for a friendship and a relationship. I know that some of my most interesting relationships were built around shared fitness activities. I’m pinning and sharing this!

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