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#GetYourOMBack Yoga Challenge

yoga1yoga2Today is the first day of the Sweaty Betty #GetYourOMBack challenge. For every day in July they’ll be posting a yoga pose on Instagram for you to try, to help you find your Om. It’s a journey worth taking. Yoga has oodles of health benefits – increased flexibility and strength, improved circulation, healthier joints and organs, a calmer nervous system, boosted immunity. It’s great for your mind, too. How often do you stop, breathe, focus on your body and how it’s feeling? You might be surprised by what it tells you and what you learn. Yoga can be difficult, and dynamic – at times you sweat, and you will use muscles you didn’t know you have – but it should always be kind. Instead of pushing through the pain barrier, you just ease up to it, and no further. I’ve been a yoga fan for years, but when I’m concentrating on other types of fitness – either upping my running miles when training for a race, or doing HIIT sessions in preparation for a beach bod – yoga is the exercise that I tend to run out of time for. But that’s crazy, because it’s often one of the most rewarding. So I can’t wait to have a reason to get all Zen again! The other fantastic thing about yoga is that it can be practised anywhere – you only need yourself and a bit of floor space. So there are no excuses for not giving this #GetYourOMBack challenge a go! You can see the poses included in the challenge in the graphic below (it’s bigger on their website, or you can pick up a sheet in store). There’s a handy 3-minute flow Warm Up video, too, so your body is prepared for the twisting and stretching, which you can watch here. And Sweaty Betty have enlisted a handful of top yogis who will guide you into the poses safely and correctly. I’ll also be joining the challenge on my Instagram feed @_bellesse, so follow me there and let’s find our Om! GetYourOmBack Sweaty Betty #GetYourOMBack challenge: Instagram @sweatybetty


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