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Tried & Tested: Rebounce London

Rebounce LondonWhen was the last time you bounced on a trampoline? Probably too long ago, for someone’s 10th birthday at your local leisure centre. But bouncing around isn’t just for kids. Now it’s a legitimate workout for adults too. How? I hear you ask! I’ll tell you…

Rebounce is a new fitness class devised and taught by Missie Frank, a dancer and choreographer who specialises in hip-hop and street dance. (She was sporting some cool-ass hi tops when I joined her class at Fitness First in Clapham Junction.) For 45 super-charged sweaty minutes you bounce and dance around on your own mini circular trampoline, called a rebounder.

Rebounce LondonIt’s exhilarating to get some air time, but it’s also a serious workout. There’s a whole lot going on: high-cardio exercise, fast-paced choreography, leg conditioning and core strengthening, plus a whole load of giggling, which must be good for your abs, right? Rebounce also claims to improve your circulation, reduce stress and tension, boost your lymphatic and immune systems and protect your joints because it’s a zero-impact exercise. Bonus!

Missie started the class by giving us some guidance on the technique of rebounding. Your instinct is to push off and try and bounce as high as you can, like Tigger after too many E numbers. But instead you’re meant to stamp down with your feet with bended knees, pushing into the rebounder – it’s all about strength and control. You know you’re doing it right when you feel the leg burn.

Rebounce LondonOnce we’d mastered the basics, Missie started teaching the choreography she has devised – a lot of leg kicks, body twists, arm formations and fancy footwork in time to dance tracks and R&B tunes from Bruno Mars to Kanye West and Rihanna. She breaks down each section so you can practise the moves, and then you dance – and bounce – through the whole song. For the finale (after catching our breath and grabbing a sip of water) we performed all the songs together in one take. My mind and body went into overdrive. But for those of you with co-ordination issues, don’t worry, because as long as you’re still bouncing, you’re working out. And when you do nail it, it’s a massive buzz. Woops and fist pumps are most definitely encouraged!

Missie has the endless hyperactive energy of a Duracell bunny, and she never misses a beat. She’s constantly creating new choreography to different tunes, so the classes will always offer a fresh challenge. But there’s a signature move that’s sure to stick around: the twerk. At Rebounce, this means squatting down, sticking your bum out and rapidly bouncing from one foot to the other. She then makes you do this while rotating a full 360 degrees. And that, people, is how you twerk it, work it, bounce it.

bellesse readers can get their first class for free with the code: FIRSTFREE

Rebounce London; Fitness First Clapham Junction, Putney Leisure Centre, The Dance Lab Putney; £7 per class, or cheaper if you buy a package


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  1. That one made me laugh!!! Believe it or not I used to do a lot of trampolining!! Xx

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