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Product of the Month: The FlipBelt


As a runner, the FlipBelt is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I can’t stop raving about it. It’s the most perfect solution I’ve found for where to put your keys/phone/cards, or whatever else you need, when out for a run. And, like most of the best ideas, it’s a simple one.

Essentially, it’s a double-layered belt made from stretchy material that fits snugly around your hips. On one side it has several slits, so you can slide your essentials inside. You then flip the belt over so they are safe and secure against your body. Genius!

P1010953I’ve taken mine out for a few test runs, and I can’t fault it. It’s lightweight and comfortable, so you barely feel it. The material, made from micro-poly and lycra, moves with your body and is also sweat-wicking. It doesn’t ride up or bounce around, and there are no rough seams or hard bits that rub or dig in. There’s a clip for your keys, and it comfortably fits my iPhone 5, and would take a 6. If you love running with music, then you can still have your headphones plugged in. It’s a million times more comfortable than a runners armband – those things always feel off-balance and give me pins and needles. Plus, it comes in a rainbow of snazzy colours. (I, naturally, went for pink.)

P1010951I’ve mostly been using it to run home from work. Because I’m new to the whole “run commute” thing, and I don’t do it every day, I decided not to run with a rucksack to carry my work clothes home with me. Instead, I slip my essentials into my FlipBelt and leave my work clothes in the office to take home to next day. It’s so liberating to bounce out of the door without any baggage, knowing that I won’t have to battle the crowds on the tube.

I’ll also be wearing my FlipBelt for longer runs, when I might want to carry energy gels. And I know it will be handy for winter, so I can tuck my gloves under the band when my fingers warm up. (And also to store tissues – or is it just me who gets a runny nose when running in the cold?!) It’s so unobtrusive that you could also wear it when cycling, doing CrossFit or working out at the monkey gym in the park.

Get one. They’re life-changing!

FlipBelt, available online and from some sports shops; £25


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