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ClassPass: the best gym membership you can get

classpassIf you’re a fitness chameleon who likes getting your squat on as much as doing sun salutations, and you fancy a bit of boxing, CrossFit or dance on the side, then you need to know about ClassPass. It’s the most exciting thing to happen to gyms since the Greeks invented them (probably).

For a monthly fee, ClassPass – a concept imported from America – gives you unlimited access to hundreds of classes at more than 150 boutique gyms across London. The only catch is that you’re limited to three classes at the same studio per month; but, if you like to mix up your fitness, then that isn’t a problem when there are endless classes to choose from. On the list are newbies like 1Rebel and BoomCycle, favourites like TenPilates and Fierce Grace and wildcards like Aerialand, where you can learn the trapeze and how to spin around on aerial silks. (Why not?!) A rolling monthly membership is £89 per month, but it’s cheaper if you commit to three months (£69) or six months (£59).

If you’re feeling demotivated by your soulless chain gym, then ClassPass is the answer to your woes. These boutique gyms – popping up all over the city – do one thing, and do it well. They are spaces that say, “hey, going to the gym should be sociable and fun, not a solo chore”. Many have shiny new equipment, juice bars on site and instructors who are passionate about their chosen fitness craze to the point of devotion. They’re about good vibes as well as good workouts. And that’s infectious. Plus, studies have shown that it’s good for you, physically and mentally, to vary your exercise routine: it means you work varying parts of your body so you don’t plateau, and you’re less likely to get bored. And with all the options available with ClassPass, you might just find a new gateway drug to fitness nirvana.

ClassPass; £89 per month

Image ClassPass


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