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Product of the month: Nakd Bars


We’ve all been there. You’re hungry, you need a snack, and the chocolate bars, cookies and flapjacks call out to you with the promise of sugar ecstasy. Yep, they taste darn good, but they’re just a hit of bad calories, all saturated fats and refined sugar containing little that’s actually good for you.

Or maybe you think twice and choose a cereal bar instead: the “healthy” option. But don’t be fooled, cereal bars can be crammed with even more refined sugar, saturated fats and additives than chocolate bars. A Which? survey from 2012 found that a Nutri-Grain bar contains nearly four teaspoons of sugar; a Tracker Roasted Nut bar was almost a third fat and even Eat Natural bars are high in sugar thanks the the added glucose syrup – not so natural after all, then.

So what to do? Grab a Nakd bar instead!


Nakd bars are simply fruit and nuts “smooshed” together, so you get a sweet hit from the natural sugars in the fruit, good fats from the nuts, plus all the nutrients found in these “real” foods. They’re soft and chewy and come in 18 flavours, like Cashew Cookie, Berry Delight and Apple Pie. The base is dates, combined with raisins and cashews, almonds, peanuts. Some have natural flavourings, like Cocoa Delight, which can genuinely satisfy any chocolate cravings. A few flavours contain soya crunchies too, for added bite and protein to make you feel fuller for longer.

If all that isn’t tempting enough, the bars also count as one of your five a day. Plus they’re dairy free, gluten free and wheat free. The newest flavour is Bakewell Tart, and it’s sending Nakd fans delirious with delight. Cocoa Orange is my favourite – what will yours be?

Nakd Bars are available in most supermarkets and online from Amazon or direct from Natural Balance Foods


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