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Healthy-eating tips from Deliciously Ella

cover-blogIf you’re a lover of healthy living then Fare Healthy was the place to be yesterday. At Paradise By Way of Kensal Green in north-west London, the UK’s best foodies, fitness trainers and wellbeing gurus got together to share their passion and knowledge for all things healthy.

As well as Ella Woodward of Deliciously Ella, there were – to name a few – talks from Natasha Corrett of Honestly Healthy and the Hemsley sisters, Beyonce dance classes from Frame, high-octane workouts from the Skinny Bitch Collective, food stands from The Good Life Eatery, Nama, Livia’s Crumble, Qnola, pop-up shops from Lululemon, Lucas Hugh, Huez Apparel, massages, mani pedis, yoga displays, juice demos and de-stress workshops. Phew.

Excitement levels were high, but for Ella Woodward’s talk they went stratospheric. Her blog, Deliciously Ella, has become the go-to resource for anyone wanting to follow a plant-based whole food diet – or for anyone who just wants to eat a bit more healthily and can’t resist her delicious-looking recipes and winning smile. She now has a book and an app too.

But although her recipes look amazing, all that health-food chat can be a bit daunting. So if you don’t know your kale from your quinoa, or you think maca is short for macaroni, then here are some tips from the lovely Ella’s talk for how to ease yourself in gently.

Add veg

Introduce one portion of vegetables to your usual meals. It’s not a big change but it can mean you’re eating 21 more portions of veg every week.

Eat cake (sometimes)

Don’t stress if you succumb to a sugar-hit. It doesn’t mean the rest of your efforts are a waste and that you should give up. If you want a healthier sweet treat then demolish some dates.

Make smoothies

Blending fruit and veg to make smoothies is a simple and delicious way to get more healthy foods into your diet. It’s cheaper than juicing (you need less produce per glass) and you also retain the fibre for extra health benefits.

Be prepared

A boring one, but if you’re organised enough to buy the right foods and prep your meals and snacks then you won’t reach for quick and convenient rubbish when you’re tired or short of time.

Don’t cut all sugar

Everyone needs a bit of sweetness in their life. Steer clear of refined sugar, but if adding honey or maple syrup to something healthy makes you eat it, then go ahead.

Avoid free-from

A packaged product that says “free-from” something or other will be crammed with nasties (chemicals and additives) to make it taste nice. These things are bad for you. And these products cost twice as much too.

Don’t calorie-count

An avocado and a Mars Bar have a similar number of calories, but what they do to your body is very different. Concentrate on the goodness in food, not the numbers.

Be positive

Make a positive decision in the morning, especially when your resolve is breaking, and you’ll be more motivated to make better choices throughout the day.

Deliciously Ella: Awesome Ingredients, Incredible Food That Your Body Will Love by Ella Woodward is out on January 29th; £20

Find out more about Fare Healthy at Peardrop’s website


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