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Product of the month: Virtue Dolls

Virtue dolls

It’s January. We’ve just rung in the new year and it’s time to make resolutions for the twelve months ahead – and hopefully beyond. Your resolution might be to get in shape, go for a promotion, learn a language, spend more time with loved ones. Whatever it is, they amount to the same thing: you want to make a change and become a better person.

But we all know it’s not as easy as it sounds. Resolutions take focus and dedication if they’re truly to stick, so it’s good to have a little help, and that’s where these virtue dolls come in. Momiji collaborated with the School of Life to create three dolls that represent calm, bravery and kindness (from left to right). The idea is that whenever you catch sight of them, they give you a little nudge and help you to realign your thinking and regain your focus. They’re also cute to look at. Get one for yourself, or gift it to a friend. And good luck with your new year’s resolutions!

Virtue Dolls are available from Momiji and The School of Life; £19.95 each


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