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Healthy Hangover Cures


Everyone knows that alcohol is bad for you. Everyone also knows how horrendous it can make you feel the next day. The only cure is prevention, but let’s be honest…booziness happens. The important thing is how you deal with the cracker of a hangover that follows. Instead of guzzling Gatorade, shoving leftover pizza in your mouth or crawling to the nearest greasy spoon, try these healthy alternatives. Your body will thank you for it – and you’ll feel better sooner. I’ll cheers to that!

Coconut Water

Alcohol is a diuretic, so that headache is a result of dehydration. Coconut water is super-hydrating, and it’s full of essential electrolytes, like potassium and sodium which you’ll also need to replenish. If you can’t face solids, and water isn’t going down, then this is your best option.

Fruit juice

You’ll also have lost lots of vitamins (mostly importantly B and C) and your blood sugar levels will be low. Fruit juice will replace these vitamins and its natural fructose will give you an energy boost. If you’re feeling nauseous then orange juice isn’t your friend – it’s too acidic. Go for apple or cranberry instead.


An old favourite, and it works. Eggs are easy on an irritated stomach and high in protein, giving you slow-release energy while your body repairs the damage. They also contain cysteine, which will help your liver to break down all those toxins.


Avocados are another good protein hit and they’re easy to digest. They’re also a powerful antioxidant, so they’ll help to clean out those toxins. Plus they’re high in vitamins C and E, potassium, iron and manganese and the fat they contain helps the body to absorb these nutrients. Basically, avocados are great!

Whole-wheat toast

You’ll also need carbs to help the body with it’s detoxing efforts – and maybe to put your banana/eggs/avocado on. Choose whole wheat and you’ll replace some of that magnesium that you lost too.

Something spicy

Spice will give your metabolism a boost, which will help the liver break down toxins quicker. Only have spice if you can stomach it, but some salsa with your eggs, a quinoa salad with turmeric or chillies, or a warm bowl of pho soup will speed your hangover along.

Finally, if things are so desperate that you can’t even move – and you’re lucky enough to be nursing your hangover in south-west London – then give the geniuses at The Hangover Platter a call. They will deliver small dishes, all priced between £1 and £2.50, that you can choose to create your own healthy hangover feast. Perfect for when you know you want everything. But you don’t really know what you want.

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