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Doisy & Dam Superfood Chocolate Bars

At a recent foodie festival I came across Doisy & Dam, a company that makes superfood chocolate bars. Everyone knows superfoods are good for youthey are natural and crammed with antioxidants and vitaminsbut everyone also knows that they aren’t very tasty on their own. Doisy & Dam’s dark chocolate bars, however, are delicious.

There are five flavours to choose from: mulberries, chia seeds and spirulina; goji and orange; maca, vanilla and cacao nibs; ginger, chili flakes and hemp seed; coconut and lucuma. They make 100g sharing bars and mini 40g bars, all wrapped in pastel-coloured packaging covered in cutesy stars. Yes, they are weird flavour combinationswho would have thought that spirulina could work in something sweet? But it does.

Each superfood only makes up 2% to 10% of the bars, so you can’t kid yourself that they are a healthy snack. But the dark chocolate (74% cocoa) does contain antioxidants. If you fancy a sweet treat you could do worse than grabbing a Doisy & Dam bar.


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