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Top fitness trends for 2014


It’s January. A new year, and time for a post-Christmas health kick. Gyms are luring new members with discounts and gifts but can’t exercise be more fun than slap-slapping on a treadmill?

Every year new fitness fads are born, and for those of us who aren’t addicted to endorphins and lycra, it’s good for your motivation to mix it up. We’ve had hip-swinging Zumba, body-screaming Boot Camp, gravity-defying TRX. But which exercise trends are coming in 2014?

Here are three I’m looking forward to trying out. If you’re more into marathon-running, then look away now.


Yoga plus Voguing. Why not? This fast-paced routine (to 80s classics, I hope) combines traditional yoga moves with catwalk poses—think Madonna or the gay scene in 1980s Harlem. It promises to build strength, focus and also your confidence. Founder Juliet Murrell runs classes in London.


A high-energy workout with no dance steps created by a South African in Los Angeles (naturally). Moving the Bokwa way means making the shapes of letters and numbers with your feet and arms whilst jumping around to funky pop tunes. Easier than Zumba, they say.

Hydro Spin

Like a spin class, but wet. Cycling in water maximises this already high-cardio exercise. In a 45-minute class you can burn up to 800 calories. You can join a class in a pool with AquaAllure or jump in your own pod at Hydrofit. Depends whether you want to splash your gym buddy or not.

Image Voga


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